Why Millennials are Ditching Facebook for Instagram

When describing to Bianca Bosker of The Huffington Post the motives why millennials use Instagram and are ditching the king of social media (facebook), one teen said, “It’s like the father and mother model of Instagram.”

Ouch, Facebook.

Yup—consider it or no longer, parents and grandparents are logging into Facebook on a greater common basis. In reality, the demographic that has upped its use the maximum is that of senior residents.

International Business Times reported that the institution’s Instagram use had skyrocketed by almost 80 percentage between January 2011 and January 2014.

Millennials are Ditching

Their barely more youthful cohorts—those between the a while of 35 and fifty four—additionally multiplied their use from simply over 39 million users to fifty six million customers in that identical time frame. But Facebook isn’t only for those of an older era, right?

Try this on for size—examine the above statistics with the 3 million teenagers who left Facebook altogether between 2011 and 2014. Facebook isn’t going to live at the top for plenty longer as extra millennials leave the social media large for other, extra enticing social networks.

But wherein will they move?

With Facebook speedy becoming little greater than the perfect vicinity for a healthful dose of passive-aggressive coloration and Twitter. Hodgepodge of hyperlinks, retweets, handles and hashtags, another outlet will soon want to take the lead as the arena’s finest social medium.

That platform is Instagram. Here’s why:


Instagram is all about pix. And no longer just any vintage picture, both. High-fine, filtered pix are the mainstay of this popular app. No long-winded diatribes about how a person got into university or how so-and-so simply landed a new task.

But it receives better—even “Humble bragging” takes on a completely new shape on Instagram. One that looks to have won over millennials tired of studying via blocks of textual content to get to the beef of a post’s remember.

On Instagram, the ones boasts develop into this:

Thankfully, the text is restricted whilst the most important part is that of a greater seen nature. You can forget about the textual content altogether and nevertheless see that someone is—at least—glad and healthful.

Looking nearer at the textual content, we see that the person has a #NewJob! #Congratulations

Bus in all seriousness, this format additionally works wonders for agencies seeking to dip their ft into a chunk of e-commerce. Whereas Facebook reeks of corporate shill, Instagram feels extensively greater honest in its method.

There’s no “>>>>>BUY NOW<<<<<!” hyperlink evident at you from the lowest of a publish. Even better, the point of interest of every submit is nearly constantly an incredible image, now not the descriptive reproduction.

The concept and execution are elegant and simple—just how people love it.


Millennials are clearly image-conscious—or vain, depending on who you ask. Regardless of your opinion, this makes Instagram the ideal outlet for constructing a well-crafted photograph of oneself.

Think approximately it—snap shots of humans’s meals show that they have got top taste and pictures with a stunning backdrop or two show that they travel well.

When blended together, all of it creates a cautiously curated picture for the world to see, consume and get “absolutely” #Jealous.

However, yet again, getting past the average consumer, agencies also are locating success on this realm. For those trying to promote on Instagram, the social media platform is perfect for tapping into the strength of visual advertising and marketing.

For example, retail businesses like Nordstrom, Gap and American Apparel often use Instagram to promote their product lines whilst small agencies put up pics to drum up extra fans from contests and giveaways.

Fan Site vs. Personal Image

When evaluating the 2 social media giants, it’s clean to look which one is greater. In the United States alone, Facebook has nearly triple the quantity of users as Instagram.

That stated, numbers can’t come close to accounting for what each software represents to its most lively base of customers.

More than whatever, in recent times, Facebook is a fan web page with a lot of its content material being filtered by using emblem managers and enterprise pages.

On the other hand, Instagram seems and looks like it’s far being run by actual human beings with a valid interest in their fans.

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Without the in-your-face pushing of newsworthy hyperlinks and embedded advertisements that take location on of Facebook, Instagram feels actual.

And while you’re looking to join on an emotional level with buddies, families or even ability consumers, feeling is all that clearly counts.

It’s a Happy Place

Want to look a few factually incorrect meme approximately immigration and argue approximately it advert-nauseam for days to come back? Facebook’s the location. How about bot-ridden conversations which might be almost impossible to comply with? Twitter can help with that.

Honestly, at the end of the day, maximum millennials honestly don’t want more of the identical pessimistic content they can find pretty much everywhere else online.

Instead, as corny because it sounds, they want content that celebrates a person’s lifestyles and passions. Millennials crave this form of optimism, and Instagram is handing over.

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