Which Sector is best for living in Blue World City


The Blue World City Water Front district and Sports Valley Sector & are some famous upcoming housing sectors that would be completely innovative. The real estate investors would have a healthier chance to attain a perfect living standard for themselves. The owners are keen to offer their individuals with every kind of residential and business investments. The payment plans are always within the range of investors, making it a possible opportunity to capitalize their money and make a long-term profit. The entire site can be labelled as an energetic characteristic of investment here that enables the real estate investors to make profitable assets for longer term.

Blue World City Waterfront Block

The Waterfront Block is among the most upcoming lavish residential block in the Islamabad. As Blue World City has grown itself a company as an important name essential name in the sector of real estate and construction business in twin cities. It includes luxury apartments, beautiful environments, and unmatched views of Islamabad. Such latest addition to widespread line-up pledges by the developers behind Blue World City Islamabad show that they can deliver an experience which may take the breath away of the inhabitants after they enter here.


If you have been searching for the place to call home, than Blue World City’s Waterfront Block is the suitable option. This lavish plots includes a grand mosque, patrolling squad, water food streets, commercial center, and indoor swimming pools in some hotels. All within a peaceful and beautiful setting. Whether you want to look for a tranquil place to retire or an sophisticated property to have a dream home. The Blue World City Waterfront Block has a potential to fulfill the expectations of investors.

Plots Available

Numerous sizes of plots would be available for booking at quite affordable rates for the investors. The world class facilities of Waterfront Block would be visible in every size of plots. Some of the sizes of the plots of this particular block can be stated below

  • 6 Marla size
  • 12 Marla size
  • 18 Marla size


Blue World City Sport Valley block

The Blue World City Sports Valley Block is another upcoming block of Blue World City, which would be an epitome of sports, leisure and entertainment facilities. The only motive to open such innovative block to promote the vision of sports tourism in Pakistan. The starting phase of this housing block is about to begin. The development work would take pace at a speedy pace, so that this block is ready for investment within few months.


This housing block has got the approval from District Council as per the latest update. The government authorities appreciated the motivation by owners to promote sports in the entire country. It would comprise of Largest Cricket Stadium in Pakistan with a capacity of accommodating over 50000 audiences. Also, there would be a huge parking space for around 15,000 vehicles along with other public and private amenities. Apart from that, it will also feature other tourist projects like Villaggio Mall, Shopping malls, Torch Hotel, and a huge Hockey Field.

Plots Available

Just like other block, Blue World City Sports Valley also aims to offer a lot of plot sizes to its investors and inhabitants. Furthermore, there are going to be different apparatuses that would assist all the shareholders in getting the appropriate profit and desirable asset. It is a known fact that residential investment is something that real estate investor do quite often. So, an extensive variety of investment elements will be involved to ease the investment procedure.

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal



The Waterfront and Sports Valley sectors are one of best options in the Blue World City. Furthermore, the owners are particularly designing these blocks to provide some world class and innovative housing to residents. These are several units where investors would be able to get some luxurious and affordable factors. Investing in both these block would yield huge benefits in future. Also, there payment plan would be affordable, as per the inside updates. So, if you want to get huge profits from this housing project, you need to visit the office of Estate Land Marketing to learn more about investment benefits here. Our marketing team would personally assist the real estate investors of these blocks to visit the site.


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