When Airport Parking Isn’t Feasible, What Are Your Alternatives?

The instant the travel ban was lifted in the recent unpleasantness, innumerable people headed for the Philadelphia airport. It was way past time for a vacation, beaches, and drinks with little umbrellas in them. But where to park your car?

Airport parking lots, even Philly’s, are a confused welter of lost drivers,  recently arrived people looking for their cars, and only a small area for both to park. There’s an answer, but almost no one can understand what offsite airport parking is.

There’s Offsite Airport Parking?

Builders recognize that there isn’t indefinite space for parking when they build airports. They solve that problem by building offsite parking lots up to three to five miles away. They shuttle passengers to the airport and back, and everyone’s happy.

Of course, there’s a charge, but it’s not much. Your car will be overseen by patrolling security. You don’t have to drag extra luggage stuffed with gifts and souvenirs all over the airport. Now that you understand what offsite airport parking is, what are some benefits?

Benefits Of Philadelphia Airport Offsite Parking

It’s no secret that parking at the airport gives you a speedier departure for your beach and little umbrellas in drinks vacation. There’s no need for cabs, Ubers, or family members to drop you off. The snag to that is there are lots of good reasons to park offsite.

1. It’s Less Expensive

Airport parking in Philly is $15 per day, which adds up the longer you’re gone. Alternatively, offsite parking is only $7 to $9. They shuttle you to and from the airport.

2. In Fact, You Don’t Even Need A Car

The proliferation of ride shares and enterprising cab drivers means that travelers to and from Philadelphia don’t need their cars. Just call a Lyft, and you’re gone. It costs no more to catch an Uber than it does to park in an airport offsite lot for one day.

3. You Won’t Need Discount Parking Coupons

When you call or go online to book a flight, you usually reserve a parking spot. Online promo codes and discount parking coupons save you a little money. Because you understand what offsite airport parking is, you won’t need these.

4. Security

Offsite lots offer more security than a busy airport ever could. The lots are smaller, so security can cover them 24/7 for your peace of mind.

5. Perks You Wouldn’t Get At An Airport

No airport parking lot can give you lots of perks when you park there. They don’t have enough time. Offsite lots, however, can give you:

  • Valet service.
  • Wash your car.
  • Tighter security.
  • Help with your luggage.

Every traveler to and from Philadelphia should understand what offsite airport parking is. Aside from your house, your car is a very large investment. You wouldn’t entrust it to anyone, so why would you do it when you vacation? Airport offsite lots are safer, cheaper, and more reliable than airport parking lots.

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