What You Need To Apply For A Canada PR Card From India

One of the most popular types of visas, Canada Permanent Residency, offers students and skilled workers multiple entry visas. The majority of newly arrived permanent residents in Canada are Indian citizens. Given the small population, the Canadian government has established several immigration routes to ensure an efficient PR procedure. As a result, the Canada PR process for Indian citizens is much simpler. Look for the best immigration services around you to clear your doubts. This post will discuss the various pathways to obtaining Permanent Residence in Canada. It will also cover the requirements, application procedure, and necessary paperwork that you need to know.

Understanding Canadian PR Visa

Canada Permanent Residency is the most desired visa category for qualified professionals in India and abroad. It is a five-year visa with multiple entries that allows qualified foreign employees to live and work in Canada. You can convert from the Canadian PR status to citizenship after three years of Residence and employment on the PR card. A visa for Permanent Residence is $1,325 for each application. The price for a Canadian PR visa is often requested at the end of the application procedure.

What Prerequisites Should You Meet to Immigrate to Canada?

You must fulfill the following requirements to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence:

  • A grade of at least 67 out of 100.
  • You should have sufficient money in your account.
  • You should possess an IELTS exam result of 6.5 or higher.
  • Your profession must be on Canada’s list of occupations in demand.
  • You should deliver an influential essay on various topics, including language ability, education, job, and others.

Applying for a Canadian PR Visa from India

Canada PR process for Indian citizens is as follows:

  • First, make sure you are eligible.
  • Get WES Educational Credential Assessment.
  • IELTS success and gathering of employer referral letters.
  • Make the Express Entry application. While registering, check off each province.
  • Twice a month draws are held by the IRCC. “Invitation to apply” obtained.
  • You will have 60 days to gather all the necessary paperwork and submit your application for the last round.
  • The CIC will ask you to have a physical examination in the last phase. Finally, when your experience documents have been validated, you should surrender your passport to the Canadian Consulate General in India or the Embassy.

Necessary Documents Required for a Canada PR:

The following documents should be presented as part of the Canadian PR process:

  • Evidence of Funds

Suppose someone is applying for a resident card without a job offer or a position. In that case, they will be required to present documentation proving they have enough money to sustain themselves and their family.

  • Personal Identification

Personal ID documents with pertinent information are essential. First, all necessary information-containing documents should be kept handy for submission with the application. Secondly, academic credentials, such as degrees, certificates, and diplomas, should be ready.

  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

This is one of the main criteria for Canada PR. However, a Canadian degree dispenses with the requirement for an ECA. Instead, the validity and equal value of a person’s current degree, diploma, or certificate are confirmed by an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).

  • IELTS Score Report

English proficiency is needed to apply for permanent residency in Canada from India. This evidence is provided by passing several language exams, including TOEFL, IELTS, and others.

  • Official Passport

This goes without saying; you must hold an official and valid passport to travel to Canada.

  • Medical & Police Clearance Certificate

You should be healthy, as the Canadian government will not risk having someone with an underlying disease get the PR visa. Similarly, you should also be free of any criminal activity, which is why the necessity for a police clearance certificate.

  • Work Experience Letter

When you make a work permit application in Canada, you require an extra set of things like a work experience letter. It proves that you have already worked for a few years in India. It is an excellent way to get PR hassle-free. 

Canada PR Visa Benefits

Being a foreign worker or student does not make you a citizen or PR of the country. Hence you should submit an application to avail PR visa properly. Having a PR visa entitles you to the following advantages:

  • It allows you to submit an application for citizenship in Canada.
  • You can work, study, and reside anywhere in Canada.
  • You get the same social and healthcare benefits as Canadian citizens.
  • You get safety by Canadian law.

India to Canada Immigration Options

The broad options are as follows:

  • Provincial Economic Class
  • Federal Economic Class
  • Quebec Immigration
  • Business Immigration (including the Start-Up Program)
  • Family Class Sponsorship
  • Temporary Residence and transition to Permanent

Common Reasons for Canada PR Visa Rejection

  • Not meeting the deadline
  • Misrepresentation
  • Non-eligibility
  • Not submitting the required documents
  • Unsatisfactory medical record
  • Inability to show proof of funds
  • Criminal background

Bottom Line

There are many ways to apply for permanent residency in Canada from India since it is the nation where new immigrants go in numbers. To minimize difficulties and delays, prospective immigrants should consider the information provided above to avail a smooth Canada PR process for Indian citizens. For further information, people can also go to the official sites of the Canada visa application centers.

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