What maths should I know for Functional Skills?

The best way to prepare for a Maths exam is by practising the Functional Skills maths topics. Each of the five qualifications includes topics and exercises that will help you get ready for exams. The first qualification will help you with solving basic problems such as using your knowledge of shapes and measurements to answer simple maths questions.

The second qualification will help you learn and solve more complicated problems such as finding percentages, finding the difference between two numbers and understanding how to add and subtract numbers. The third qualification will help you understand more advanced topics, such as working out compound interest.

The fourth qualification will help you use your skills to work out different quantities. The fifth qualification will help you understand and solve more complex GCSE Exam Centre mathematical problems. You should do some practice problems to test yourself and to find out if you are confident about the topics. The best way to prepare for a Maths exam is to practise Functional Skills Maths.

The Best way to do your maths homework is to work on the 5th paper of the GCSE Maths exams. As the name of the papers imply, they are the last papers of your exams.

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