Wednesday Movie Review: Funny Horror Teen World

Not to shame the brand name Addams Family, Wednesday has heated movie forums since its premiere. The film is also molded by director Tim Burton – who is known as the monstrous “witch” of dark fantasy stories. Is Wednesday a good show? Read the Wednesday movie review below and share your thoughts with us. 

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Movie information Wednesday

  • Movie name: Wednesday
  • Genre: Comedy horror, supernatural fantasy, detective
  • Director: Tim Burton
  • Actors: Jenna Ortega, Gwendoline Christie, Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • Episodes: 8 episodes
  • Duration: 47-59 minutes
  • Premiere: 11/23-2022

About The Addams Family  

Firstly, The Addams Family is an American comic book series that was published in 1938 in The New Yorker magazine. The series made a strong impression on readers and was an American pop culture icon.

To have an objective point of view about the Wednesday movie review, let’s explore her family. The Addams Family includes the couple Gomez, daughter Wednesday, and son Pugsley. They always make outsiders discriminate with their cold and monstrous appearance. In the meantime, The Addams are wealthy aristocrats but possess an eccentric lifestyle and “deadly” hobbies.

In 1964, ABS turned this series into a sitcom. Since then, The Addams Family continued to release two movie versions in 1991 (The Addams Family) and 1993 (Addams Family Values). The two works received Oscar nominations for Best Costume Design and Best Art Direction, respectively. In 2019, The Addams Family once again made an impression on fans through the animated version. Furthermore, the film has grossed $203 million, making it into the top 10 most popular animated films of the year.

Is Wednesday based on Addams Family?

Before reading our Wednesday movie review, let’s once again have a narrative about it. The film’s story revolves around Wednesday, the eldest daughter of the Addams family. She has a cold appearance, a monstrous personality, and somewhat “scary” hobbies.  Wednesday’s new school is Nevermore Academy. The academy has mermaids, vampires, and werewolves. As for Wednesday, she also has extrasensory abilities, intelligence, and physical strength.

Having hated a controlled life, Wednesday night and day tried to escape from the academy. However, a series of consecutive murders occurred that made Wednesday interesting, and wanted to track down the culprit. Wednesday’s partner is Thing, a hand assigned by the Adams to watch over her. On the journey to investigate the murders, Wednesday gradually uncovers many horrifying secrets in Nevermore. The gruesome murders, the overlapping plots, the unexpected turnarounds. At the same time, she also learns of her clan’s hidden past.

Along with the somewhat stressful and dark journey, the movie Wednesday still has poetic colors with teenage love. No matter how monstrous she is, she is still a teenager, dreaming and fluttering. As a result, the love triangle between Wednesday, Tyler, and Xavier somewhat relieve the suffocating, fast-paced atmosphere of the dark comedy genre. 

Finally, Movie Wednesday is mainly set in a school, and the content is aimed at teenagers in the process of growing up. The film also cleverly installs hot issues of society such as homosexuality, racism, school violence, and factionalism.

Wednesday Movie Review: The Main Character

Taking on the female lead role Wednesday is an actress who just turned 20 years old, Jenna Ortega. She was born on September 27, 2002, in California, the fourth child in a family of six children. According to the Wednesday movie crew, Jenna Ortega is the number 1 choice for the character Wednesday. There is information that she was accepted for the role immediately after an online casting. Jenna Ortega has a full incarnation into a young girl who is both crazy, rebellious, and sullen at the age of growing up. Jenna handled gently and skillfully the “cruel”, and “cold-blooded” character of Wednesday.

Following in the footsteps of Jenna, the audience felt Wednesday’s change in mood in a positive direction. From a person who coldly released piranhas into the pool to take revenge on his brother’s bully, Wednesday has gradually learned to think more clearly, act more carefully and be more polite. During her life at Nevermore Academy, Wednesday gradually opened her heart to learn how to love and think for others.

Wednesday Movie Review: Bright Spots And Points To Improve

Inheriting the prestigious brand The Addams Family, the Wednesday series received a lot of expectations from the public. The film received a lot of positive feedback and high appreciation from the professional council to the mass audience. Some of the film’s bright spots are: 

  • The fast-paced plot is true to the genre of sensationalism, horror, and suspense.
  • The cast transforms from good to excellent.
  • The crew carefully cared for the image. Each array of colors and small details cleverly appear to express the character’s personality and the message that the film wants to convey.
  • The film’s dialogue is short, unexpected, and highly sarcastic. The dialogue of the character Wednesday is always as sharp as a knife, making viewers sometimes laugh because of the deep meaning.

Meanwhile, some points that have not met the expectations of fastidious audiences can be spotted in the Wednesday movie review:

  • The supernatural elements and the side stories that appear too much have somewhat distracted the journey of the main character.
  • The detective element is quite superficial and predictable.
  • The remaining members of the Addams family only appear through speakers, not creating a highlight.

Summary of the Wednesday movie review 

It can be said that the movie Wednesday has a dark color but possesses great success in the premier versions. It achieved an impressive achievement when leading the chart of the top 10 English-language series on Netflix in the first week of its release. If you are looking to change the wind with the horror-comedy genre, you should not miss the movie Wednesday. And that’s all for our Wednesday movie review. Follow us and for more related content and coupons. What do you think about this movie? Please share with us in the comment below.

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