Test for Influenza

Flu (influenza) tests look for the presence of the flu virus in a respiratory sample, such as a nose or throat swab. These tests will be performed by your healthcare professional.

Is the flu test available?

Yes. To check for the flu virus, flu tests require a respiratory sample, such as a nasal swab.

The flu (influenza) is a viral respiratory ailment (germ). It is most common in the winter and spreads easily from person to person through coughing, sneezing, or touching infected surfaces. The A or B flu viruses cause the majority of seasonal flu outbreaks.

What are the many types of flu (influenza) tests?

There are various flu tests available, including:

Rapid diagnostic tests for influenza (RIDTs).

Rapid molecular tests

Specialized laboratory tests.

Rapid influenza tests (RIDTs)

The most popular type of flu test is the rapid flu test, often known as the flu antigen test. They can detect the presence of influenza A and B by detecting antigens, which are components of the flu virus that cause an immunological response.

To get a sample for an RIDT, a swab is normally inserted into your nostril. RIDTs produce results in less than 15 minutes.

How does a flu test work?

A respiratory sample is required for all flu tests. This can include samples from the following sources:

Swab your nasal cavities (nostrils).

Your nasal cavity via wash or aspirate means your healthcare professional injects a saline solution into your nose and gently suctions the sample out. This method of collection is sometimes utilized on extremely young toddlers.

Swab the upper area of your throat (nasopharynx) through your nose.

What can I expect from a flu test?

When you or your provider swabs your throat or nose, you may experience gagging or tickling. The discomfort caused by a nasal aspirate or wash is only transient.

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