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If you are interested in learning Spanish, then you might be able to take advantage of the numerous programs offered by the Oracle International Language Institute. The institute has successfully helped hundreds of students and professionals to master their desired language. Its experienced instructors can also provide guidance to those who are preparing for the language aptitude test.

Oracle International Language Institute

If you want to learn the Spanish language, then you can enroll in one of the many Spanish institutes in Delhi. They provide you with all the necessary tools to learn the language, including language classes, online classes, travel and career preparation courses. It is important to choose the right institute.

Oracle international language institute is the only Spanish Institute in New Delhi, which is affiliated with the Spanish government. This organization aims to promote and improve the quality of Spanish schools.

The Spanish language is spoken by half a billion people worldwide, making it the third most widely spoken language in the world. A large number of countries consider it as their official language.

Kochiva linguistics

Learning a new language is a great way to expand your horizons. It is also a good way to boost your career, assuming you are willing to put in the work. There are plenty of free and paid options for learning a new language, and Kochiva linguistics is a name that comes to mind.

Kochiva linguistics specializes in online and offline classes for a wide range of foreign languages. Their high tech approach to language training has been lauded by industry experts. The company has a plethora of awards and accolades to its credit, including a gold medal in the prestigious International Mandarin Competition.

Instituto Di Cultura

The Italian Institute of Culture in New Delhi isn’t your standard Italian cultural center. It shares the premises with the Italian High Commission, and is located in a highly sensitive zone for international security. Despite its relatively modest size, it has a well-stocked library, an excellent Italian cafeteria, and a handful of events and exhibitions.

The IIC does a good job of promoting the Italian cultural ethos. This is evident from the number of events it hosts every year, and the sheer number of patrons it attracts. In addition to its own programs, it also takes part in collaborations with other institutions.


The ILSC Spanish Institute in Delhi is the only center in Delhi that is authorized to conduct the Spanish DELE exam. Students can take up this exam to gain the diploma degree.

This institute has a high-quality faculty. There are experienced trainers who guide students through the course. Moreover, it offers personalized Spanish learning programs.

It is located in the south of New Delhi, which is easily accessible via metro. The Hauz Khas area is also a short walk away.

The school offers a cultural and multicultural environment. It has a programme that includes Bollywood outings, bazaar excursions and personal development seminars. In addition, there are yoga and yoga classes, English language support, and volunteer opportunities.

School of Spanish

Oracle International Language Institute in Delhi, Connaught Place is one of the top language institutes in India. It offers a range of courses in various foreign languages. Besides English, the school also provides classes in French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. The instructors are experienced and the institute offers help to prepare for various exams.

One of the most popular languages is Spanish. It is spoken by about 400 million people. A large number of countries recognize it as an official language. In fact, it is the third most widely spoken language in the world.

As for its curriculum, the institute focuses on conversation, grammar and reading comprehension. Moreover, it also introduces new lexical items and syntactical structures.

New Delhi YMCA

There are many Spanish institutes in Delhi, where one can study Spanish. These institutions have trained thousands of students in the past. They offer a wide range of courses to suit your needs.

Some of the courses that these institutions offer are beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. Each level has a set number of hours of class. This allows for a better understanding of the language.

For those looking for a career in tourism, there is the Spanish for Tourism course. This course is designed to teach you the basic aspects of the Spanish language.

Those interested in teaching the language may look into the Spanish for Teachers Course. It is designed as per the DELE certification.

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