Why does Skype keep closing itself?

Skype keep closing itself

Skype is a software used to make voice calls, video calls, group calls, conversations, etc. via any of your preferred devices such as mobile phones, computers, or tablets. Numerous individuals or people involved in any business practices are using skype software hassle-free. Skype is also included in some of the Microsoft office suits. 

Why does Skype Keep Crashing?

In due course of time, skype users started facing issues like skype closes immediately after opening, application crash while on important phone calls, application crashes witnessed by windows 10 users after system updates, skype keeps restarting, skype crashing while sending someone ‘http://:”, etc. These were the kind of bugs most often faced by Microsoft as it publishes patches and updates, that appeared during the time users started using skype software. There may be another reason for the question, such as compatibility issues, damaged files, or malware. 

How to get rid of it or solutions to fix it quickly?

  • Update: There must be a compatibility issue that came across while using skype software. It is suggested to have a check on updates available. If any, users should always go ahead with the installation of new updates available at the time.
  • Windows Troubleshooter: Running windows 10 built-in troubleshooter will help one to get rid of the errors that occurred.
  • Install Media pack: In order to use software or apps like skype, it is suggested to use the media feature pack for windows 10 N users if having an issue with the Voice recorder, media players, or music apps.
  • Reinstall: Uninstalling skype and installing it back can resolve errors or bugs. Keeping the fact in mind that the process is quite time-consuming. Reinstalling might result in a way that you can lose the skype data and app preferences, so it is advised to keep a backup of any important chats or files before uninstalling the skype software.


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