Integrate Business with WhatsApp API this 2023 – How and Why! Revealed

Know how WhatsApp API works in detail and upscale your business this 2023. The WhatsApp Business API allows your business to establish access to WhatsApp’s code to use detailed features which cater to customized business needs.

This product allows brands to develop solutions that cater to specific business needs. In simple terms, it allows brands to receive and respond to WhatsApp messages. That means, if you are not engaging your customers through WhatsApp yet, this is the right time to do so!

Quick Benefits from WhatsApp API Business Account

If your business is struggling to reach the right customers at the customer’s convenient time, read this.

WhatsApp Business API is one of the most powerful customer relationship management solutions.

Access to reply quickly

Today, customers are reaching out to businesses for quick resolutions. They will not wait for your business to revert as there are many competitors in the market. With the help of WhatsApp business API, you can reassure your customers of a timely as well as a quick response. The ability to automate WhatsApp responses has proven to be a boon for MSMEs and also small-scale businesses.

Get Customer Information Real Time

If you want to multiply your profit percentages, the first thing for you is to know your customers. That means, knowing your audience base allows you to cater to the different customers’ needs. With the API from WhatsApp, you can track and monitor real-time customer data and use it for your business growth.

Track the potential buyers along with the leads

The first thing for any business is to know the product which is being sold. You should know what the product is, and also the potential audience to reveal it. This is particularly helpful in defining all the business areas where you need improvement. Plus, you can anytime take measures to guarantee product sales in the shortest period.

Upscale customer engagement

They say it right, “Customer is the God”! You should always maintain excellent customer relationships. The benefit is you can get access to their details, including their mobile phone number, email address, etc. Another thing here is to collect customer feedback. Indeed, getting feedback and acting on it timely is the best way to improve your sales.

WhatsApp API for Businesses: Features

With third-party service providers, you can access a range of features for WhatsApp API. We help you reach 2.5 billion users with WhatsApp business API to reach the right audience and multiply your ROI. You just have to sign up with us, and we take care of the rest!

How to use WhatsApp API for your business?

In the most generic scenario, if the customer initiates the conversation, the businesses have a 24-hour window to respond. In this case, WhatsApp checks the message you want to send to the customer. That means you don’t have to think about the errors in the message, WhatsApp does that for your business.

The messages sent by businesses should always comply with the WhatsApp Compliance Policies. So, these messages which are approved by WhatsApp are called WhatsApp template messages. It is easier to start the conversation and also send transactional messages. The transactional messages include delivery notifications, order payments, etc. You can also send discount vouchers and seasonal sale coupons to customers via WhatsApp.

How much time does it take to get the WhatsApp messages approved?

In the most general scenario, it takes 15 minutes to 3 hours to be approved. That means, when the template is approved, you can send the message to your audience via WhatsApp Broadcast.

Who can request access to WhatsApp API for business?

Remember, the WhatsApp API is currently in no way dedicated to individuals! It is limited to companies. Don’t worry! Features from the best third-party service providers cover you all. With us, you can compete on a global scale, without the need for sophisticated self-research, because our dashboard caters to your specific business needs.

Are WhatsApp API and WhatsApp business apps the same?


With WhatsApp Business API, the possibilities to use customers’ information and engage with them are endless. Businesses can successfully integrate their CRM and experience the benefits.

On the other hand, the WhatsApp Business app only caters to limited features, and thus can be beneficial for small-scale companies. Plus, the WhatsApp Business app is completely free and you can anytime download from Google Play Store or App Store.

Know the features not available on WhatsApp API

Note that the features would greatly vary from the type of solution your business decides to adopt to integrate the WhatsApp APIs. But here, we run across some of the most classic features of WhatsApp which are not available in WhatsApp API.

WhatsApp calls and Video Calls

The WhatsApp API doesn’t allow the usage of calls on WhatsApp. The call and the video call option disappears from your business’s WhatsApp profile. That means the users will not be able to contact you directly.

WhatsApp groups are currently not a feature for WhatsApp APIs. For now, you cannot manage a WhatsApp group with a WhatsApp API account. Plus, if a customer wants to add your WhatsApp number, they receive a notification that says they can’t add you.


Let your business upscale growth this year with WhatsApp API in place. With a relevant dashboard, you can easily track your business’s needs along with the best solutions to provide your customers. We help you choose the right way to reach your customers.

Grow with us, and join now!

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