How to Use the Parking Light in Your Car

People can have a hard time identifying the parking light on their cars. They are also called sidelights. They are not headlights per se; they get used exclusively for traffic purposes. Their location is on the front of the car. Some vehicles also have them at the rear side of the car. 

It is not the same as a brake light. The role of the parking light is more integral to the car’s lighting system. They exist separately from the headlights. If the headlights were to fail, then the parking light would become the substitute.

Among the many car modifying accessories, this one is perhaps the light that helps provide backup lighting for safe driving. They can let see the area around the parking spot for secure parking. The light could help other cars avoid your car in any dark parking spot.

 These car hazard lights come in gold, contrasting with the bright white headlights. You can avoid bumping into any obstacle while parking your car. They illuminate the spot around your car with a dim yet visible light.


Is Their A Legal Requirement?

Headlights, as we know, are a legal requirement. However, there is no such legal obligation regarding parking lights. Still, most manufacturers use them on cars and even trucks. So what is the fuss?

Well, these lights enhance driving visibility at night time. It gives a better view of the sides of the car. The lights are also helpful during an emergency. You get extra lighting that contributes to better road safety. 

However, parking lights these days are not as bright as the other two main lights of the car. They merely complement the purpose of headlights.


Definition of the Parking Lights

Some may call these lights a little outdated. Mass consensus understands its role in parking. But that is where the consideration for the parking light end. The look of these lights differs based on manufacturer and car make and model.


There is no designated area in the car where the lights get placed. In most cars, the parking light is on the outer edge of the headlights. Or you may find them in the inner edge as well. In older European cars, they used to be separate lamps. The location of this lamp was either above or below the headlight. Or one could find them on the grill or bumper.

Confusing Shapes- But Do Not Get Confused

The parking comes in various shapes. These shapes can vary from comet to rectangular. The sidelights also come in similar shapes. So, do not get confused.  

It Is Not the Same for Every Car

The presence of parking light in cars is not universal. They may or may not be there. Even if they are there, the location varies.

Various Aliases

These lights come in various names- side lamps, sidelights or parking lamps. However, the most common one is two half circles looking opposite each other. The symbols on the dashboard of your car will also vary.

So, if the parking light is that simple, why are people still confused about it?

The answer is the lack of clarity regarding its existence and functions. 

The Colours

The colour of the parking light ranges from red in the back. It is also available in white on the front of the car. 

Temporary Uses

The lights also can have temporary uses. For instance, they can become a quick replacement when the headlight or taillight is malfunctioning. They also act as hazard lights.

Earlier the parking light got its power from the same system as the signal lights. Today, their source of energy is the same as the headlights. The primary purpose and function remain visible.


Types of Parking Lights

  • Amber-Indicator

These are the most common. Amber indicator gives an orange glow in the front indicators and taillights.

  • White Parking Lights

White light is a separate parking light feature on the car. White is the most commonly used colour.

  • Inside the Headlight

The parking light inside the headlight gets noticed in older cars. They have a similar unit to headlight lamps. 


How to know that the Light is faulty?

  • Dim or Flickering

 If the lights are constantly flickering and dimming, it is a sign of damage. Halogen bulbs have short shelf life than LED. 

  • Damaged or Cracked Lenses 

The lenses can get damaged easily. The case parking light is fragile and prone to damage from a minor accident. Cracked lenses are a road hazard. It can also fall off when you drive at speed on a highway. A shard of broken glass can damage the exposed light bulb.

  • Trapped Moisture in the Light Bulb

Trapped moisture can cause beading. The beads, if not cleaned, will crack the lens. The water beads will cause the bulb to wear out prematurely. 

Go for environmentally sound options that give you good lighting. Get your car the right equipment and safely drive on the road. In case of moisture build-up or any other issue, consider changing your parking light from Carorbis. The best light gives you unparalleled performance.

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