How to take Chai Sutta Bar Franchise?

Hello friends, today through Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Details, we will tell you in detail how to take the franchise of Chai Sutta Bar? Along with this, we will tell you the whole process so that you do not have to face any kind of problem. So that’s why read the article till the end.

Tea is called “Heart of Indian Drinks” and if we talk about statistics, then 80% of the tea production in the country is consumed by us and most of the tea is consumed and consumed by us in the whole world. This number helps people to get good profit margin in this business. 

Before starting this let me clear you that Chai Sutta Bar, it is not about smoking or any related stuff. This business is of 100% pure tea cafe.

Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Details in 2022

Chai Sutta Bar has become the first choice of the youth. Let us tell you that at present they have more than 250 outlets in India, as well as this business model is so profitable that the chances of their closure are negligible because it is a great and Profitable business model.

Presently it has more than 200 outlets in 90 cities in 5 countries. The company offers franchisees in three models. In the last five years, it has spread its roots outside India in countries other than Dubai and Oman. Let us tell you that Anubhav, Rahul and Anand together started Chai Sutta Bar in 2016. The funniest thing is that you are not allowed to smoke in Chai Sutta Bar. You don’t even get cigarettes here.

What is Chai Sutta Bar (CSB) India?

Chai Sutta Bar is an Indian brand. This company started in 2016. Which is one of the fastest growing franchise brand in India. It started as a tea cafe from Indore, Madhya Pradesh and when it did well, they started franchising it.

On the same lines Chai Sutta Bar which has emerged as a brand. Providing golden opportunity. Through the franchisee model, they want to make their mark in the whole world, in which they

Getting success day by day. Through this, tea is served in a kulhad made of clay, whose main aim is to provide employment to the people who make clay utensils. The brand imbibes the Indian culture and provides clean beverages.

Generally, according to a figure, 837,000 tonnes of tea is consumed by every Indian in a year, that is, we definitely drink 2 cups of tea a day, and from this it can be estimated that in the year 2020, 1.10 million tonnes of tea will be consumed in our country. and is growing by 20% every year . Where this figure will reach 1.40 million tonnes in 2026.

Apart from this, India is also a big exporter of tea.

What is Chai Sutta Bar Franchise ?

Before knowing about Chai Sutta Bar Franchise, what is Chai Sutta Bar Franchise? Let’s give some information about it. Friends, whenever a company wants to expand its network. So he gives people a chance to do business in his own name. But it cannot do this work alone everywhere, so it opens outlets in its own name and gives the right to sell its products or services like its logo, business model, business name to the third party (you).

Currently it is working in 25+ cities. Like:- Indore, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Dewas, Jamnagar, Ujjain, Bhopal, Bilaspur, Itarsi, Satna, Indore, Jaipur, Nagpur, Delhi, etc. The company is gradually increasing its network for which new branches have been opened. So anyone who wants to take Chai Sutta Bar Franchise is the perfect business for them, in which they can earn good money.

Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Menu 2022

Chai Sutta Bar is an Indian Chai Cafe or Bar Company. Chai Sutta Bar’s Menus have 100+ Variety which are provided to the customer. At present, the company serves 10000+ cups of tea to the customers every day and the company has 60+ branches in India where good quality tea is served to the customers.

  • Chocolate Chai
  • Elaichi Chai
  • Regular Chai
  • Masala Chai
  • Tulsi Chai
  • Adrak Chai
  • Rose Chai
  • Paan Chai
  • Kesar Chai

Apart from these different varieties of tea, they have also included different beverages in their menu. Like- Green tea, Coffee, Three types of Mojito, and Coolers as well as they have also arranged for breakfast. Like-Sandwich, Maskaban, Maggi, French fries, Puff, etc. That too at a very reasonable price.

Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Cost

If you have already made up your mind, that you have to take startup Chai Sutta Bar Franchise. So let me tell you, the cost involved in this will be decided by the fact that which area you choose to open the outlet. Well, you can go by the calculation of around ₹ 15 lakhs. Through a table below, we have tried to explain the figures simply.

Commercial space300 to 400 sq. ft minimum
Equipment and machinery₹ 3 lakh
Furniture and décor of interiors₹ 5 lakh
Raw materials initial investment₹ 2 lakh
Franchise Fee₹ 6 lakh
Total investment₹ 16 lakh
Payback period14 to 18 months
Royalty fee2% of turnover
Term of agreement5 years

Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Contact Details (Customer Care Number)

Let us tell you that Anubhav Dubey also has an account on Instagram. So if you want to make a Franchise deal with them or have a simple conversation, you can message on their Instagram account. Apart from this, below we are giving you the details of establishing contact with their company.

*Customer Care Number* = +91-6262300031

Official Website:- Chai Sutta Bar India

Tel no: 91-6262300031

406, Silver Arc Plaza, Janjeerwala square,

Janjeerwala Chouraha, New Palasia, Indore,

Madhya Pradesh -452001, India |

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