How to Escape From Negative Energy Through Vastu Shastra

Do you feel like your home is filled with negative energy? Are you looking for ways to find balance and peace in your environment?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architecture and construction science whose principles can create harmony and positive energy in your home. In this blog, we will explore how Vastu Shastra can help you escape negative energy and create an environment that brings positivity and joy. 

How to Escape Negative Energy through Vastu Shastra 

Negative energy can also exist in the environment, and it’s essential to identify and mitigate these energy sources to create a harmonized environment. So how can you identify negative energy through Vastu Shastra? The following are some tips:

  1. Analyze the energy map: Analysing the energy map of your environment can help you identify areas of negative energy. A professional astrologer in UK can help you analyze the energy map and find the sources of negative energy.
  2. Check the direction of your home: It’s essential to ensure that your home is aligned in the right direction. Experienced astrologers can help you determine the right direction for your home and suggest remedies to alleviate any negative energy.
  3. Analyze the placement of objects: Vastu Shastra also suggests the proper placement of objects in the home, such as furniture, plants, and statues. An experienced astrologer can help you analyze the placement of objects in the home and suggest remedies to alleviate any negative energy.
  4. Check for leaks or cracks: Leaks and cracks can also be sources of negative energy. Experienced astrologers can help you analyze the home for leaks and cracks and suggest remedies to alleviate any negative energy.

How to Neutralize Negative Energy 

There are many ways to use Vastu Shastra to neutralize negative energy. The most crucial factor is ensuring the space is free of obstructions, clutter, and anything else that could be considered an obstacle. This includes furniture, carpets, books, and other items that could block energy flow.

Using the right colors, shapes, and symbols is also essential to create a positive atmosphere. The placement of doors and windows is also critical in Vastu Shastra. 

Doors should be aligned in a north-south direction and wide enough to allow positive energy to flow through the door. Windows should be placed in the east, which is the sun’s direction and is thought to bring prosperity and happiness.

In addition to the placement of doors and windows, the arrangement of furniture and other items in the room is essential in creating a positive atmosphere.

The furniture should be arranged to promote the flow of energy and make it more comfortable to move around. It is also essential to ensure that there is enough space between items and that nothing is blocking the flow of energy.

Finally, it is essential to use the right art and symbols in the space to neutralize negative energy further. Artwork, statues, and other symbols representing prosperity, health, and abundance should invoke good luck and attract positive energy into the space.

To ensure that Vastu Shastra is appropriately implemented, it is essential to consult an experienced Vastu Shastra. An experienced astrologer in London can provide the necessary guidance and advice to ensure that the implementation of Vastu Shastra is done correctly.

With the proper guidance, you can create a positive and harmonious atmosphere and neutralize negative energy through Vastu Shastra.


Vastu Shastra is an ancient practice that has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ability to bring balance and harmony to a space.

It is believed to help create an environment free from negative energy, promote health, wealth, and prosperity, and attract positive energy. By following the principles of Vastu Shastra, one can create an atmosphere that is both calming and energizing, allowing for a better quality of life.

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