How to Customize Hotel Stays for Various Traveler Types?

Hoteliers must fine-tune their customer’s experience strategy to provide their visitors with an exceptional and personalized hotel experience.

Emphasizing the value of customization in the hotel industry Gaining a greater knowledge of client wants and preferences – also known as guest intimacy – allows for the delivery of individualized services that may assist raise customer happiness, cut service costs, and promote visitor loyalty. Finally, personalization may lead to the creation of specialized services based on current tastes, for which visitors are prepared to pay a premium.

However, offering individualized experiences is not easy. You must understand your visitors’ wants and when they want them.

City Travelers

City visitors look for lodging for fewer than five days, with the majority doing so on weekends. These travelers almost always travel with a spouse, family, or friends; they rarely travel alone. Their major travel interests include sightseeing, shopping, and experiencing local culture, sampling different foods, and beverages.

Preferred Accommodation

Depending on their budget, city visitors choose to stay in/around the city center, whether in an independent and best boutique hotels in jaipur or a hotel chain.

Which Facilities Do They Desire

  • For city visitors, complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi are essential, followed by a pool.
  • City visitors value suggestions since they want to see the key sites. Make sure you provide them with a map that shows all of the key attractions, restaurants, and bars in and near the hotel and city.

Business Travelers

Business travelers looking for lodging for fewer than five days, with the majority doing so on weekdays. These people often travel alone. Their primary travel interests are solely professional. They are unlikely to be interested in sightseeing; nevertheless, they may be interested in visiting some high-quality restaurants for both personal and commercial reasons.

Preferred Accommodation

For business travelers, the location of their meetings, conferences, workplaces, and other places of work is quite important. Business travelers are less price sensitive since they are typically not footing the cost. As a result, they choose to stay at established hotel chains that provide loyalty benefits and free upgrades or the best heritage hotel in jaipur. This allows people to enjoy pleasure, and occasionally lavish stays without having to pay for them out of their wallets.

Which Facilities Do They Desire

  • Business travelers choose hotels with 5-star or 4-star certifications and high ratings. Other vital amenities for the majority of them include complimentary breakfast, a pool, Wi-Fi, and a parking lot.

  • Keep in mind that business travelers travel often. Delight them to gain their allegiance. Provide your customers with complimentary beverages in the bar or a free high-speed Wi-Fi connection so they can work comfortably.

  • Another method to gratify business travelers is to provide them with an upgrade whenever available. These are the most frequent at-property spenders since they are usually too exhausted to leave their rooms after a long day at work. Keep customers satisfied, and you’ll see that even after an improved stay, the company is considerably more successful.

Holiday Travelers

For more than 5 days, vacationers look for lodging. They enjoy sun and beach or mountain vacations.

They are mostly interested in sightseeing, enjoying nature, participating in water or other adventure sports, and unwinding. As a result, they’re typically more adaptable than city and business travelers since they’re not in a rush and like to do things at their speed. These tourists are frequently accompanied by their spouses, family, or friends.

Preferred Accommodation

Vacationers choose to stay in locations near a beach or on a mountain peak. They often favor hotels with on-site adventure sports and activities, breakfast and buffet spreads, spas, and other soothing amenities. A large proportion of vacation tourists choose Bed & Breakfast (B&B) so that they may enjoy the location in peace and comfort.

Which Facilities Do They Desire

  • The most significant factors for vacation visitors are the quality of accommodations, as well as a property’s certification and ratings. Most people choose 5-star or 4-star hotels while arranging their vacations. They also like the complimentary breakfast, pool, beach, air conditioning, parking, and spa.

  • Holiday tourists, like city visitors, like seeing prominent sites. So, make sure you have a map or guide that lists all of the local must-see attractions and activities.

  • Vacationers favor hotels that provide free breakfast and/or supper buffets. They’d also be happy to pay for meals and beverages ahead when reserving the accommodation rather than paying for each meal separately.

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