How to Convert Cambridge IGCSE grades into GPA?

Cambridge IGCSE grades conversion process is easy to understand, but you must know what they represent. The Cambridge IGCSE is an internationally recognised qualification that measures academic achievement in various subjects. 

Unlike traditional school grades, where students’ achievements are based solely on scores and percentages, the Cambridge IGCSE grades take into account other factors such as participation and effort. 

Even for school admission in Singapore, many schools use the Cambridge IGCSE to assess students’ profiles, so it’s important to understand how your grades convert into GPA for applications.

What is Cambridge IGCSE?

IGCSE stands for “International General Certificate of Secondary Education”. It is a popular academic program offered by Cambridge Assessment and is among one of the leading providers of educational assessment worldwide. 

This curriculum aims to help students aged 14-16 prepare for academic success in high school and beyond.

The curriculum includes many subject areas, including English, maths, science, history, geography, and more. This way, young learners can pursue their academic passions and tailor their coursework to suit their interests and career goals.

In addition to its focus on critical thinking and flexibility, Cambridge IGCSE is also known for its high-quality curriculum materials and engaging teaching approaches. 

Expert educators design all course resources with years of experience in the classroom and the field of education research. Teachers use various methods to engage students in learning, including hands-on activities, group projects, technology-based lessons, and more.

Why is maintaining Cambridge IGCSE Grades important?

For admission to a top-quality Singapore school, maintaining Cambridge IGCSE grades is necessary. By keeping up with your studies and maintaining high scores in exams, you will get into the best schools in the country, giving you a competitive edge when applying for admission.

The grades indicate academic excellence, as students who achieve good grades demonstrate strong critical thinking, problem-solving, and independent learning skills. 

Additionally, many universities and colleges recognise these grades during admissions decision-making.

Maintaining high grades requires commitment and hard work from young learners, but the rewards of academic success are well worth the effort. To get into a top school in Singapore, focus on achieving your best grades and taking advantage of all available resources in your studies. With dedication and persistence, you can get good grades.

How do you convert Cambridge IGCSE grades into GPA?

There are a few different methods by which you can convert your Cambridge IGCSE scores into a GPA. One is the “15 point scale”, in which an A grade receives 15 points and an F grade receives 0 points. 

This method considers theory marks and coursework marks, giving a holistic view of young learners’ academic performance.

Another popular approach is the “100 point scale”, in which each letter grade has a specific equivalent score. For example, an A corresponds to 100, while an F corresponds to 0. 

Overall, it is important to note that different schools and universities may use different conversion methods when assessing students’ Cambridge IGCSE grades.

To ensure accuracy in your GPA calculations, consult with the school or university you are applying to and learn about their specific conversion process. With a solid understanding of how Cambridge IGCSE grades convert into GPA for school admission in Singapore, you can feel confident in your academic achievements and prepared for the application process.


So whether you are considering school admission in Singapore or elsewhere, having good Cambridge IGCSE grades is essential for success. By working hard throughout your studies and keeping up with the course material, you can achieve excellent results that will open up a world of opportunities for your future.

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