How Can a Task Management System Help Your Business?

Running around to follow the task status of each and every employee of your deskless workforce sounds stressful. Well, it is! This is why a field forces management’s primary goal to aid managers in this process. Thus, this goal takes the shape of the task management system.

Task management alone makes investing in an employee tracking system so worth it. It helps businesses ensure high productivity and time efficiency for their workforce. Let us find out more on this topic through the following sections.

What is a Task Management System?

So what is a task management system? It is a combination of features that ensures managers are well-versed in their employees’ activity. It focuses on both the schedule and tracking of tasks. Thus, they can save time keeping up with the employees. Executives also do not have to worry about constantly updating several people in the hierarchy of their task.

Some of the features we commonly see with most task management solutions are:

  • Task Assigning: Managers can allot tasks to employees right from the system. They do not have to contact executives individually. It also allows them to give out instructions for the tasks so that there is no chance of error during execution. 
  • Task Scheduling: Managers can schedule tasks for individual employees on the system. This eliminates any confusion related to their schedule as well. 
  • Task Status: Employees can update their task status right in the app itself. They do not have to go through a third-party communication application to do so. 
  • Geo Verification: Managers can check their employees and verify if they visited the task location. Thus, eliminating any chance of time theft during work hours. They can also check the amount of time spent on a task. 
  • Report Generation: Reports highlight the productivity of employees. It also lets them know of any loopholes in their operations. Thus, managers can study these reports and optimise their functioning accordingly. 

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Benefits of Using Task Management Solutions

Using task management solutions can have several benefits. These include:

  • Time Conservation: Both managers and employees save a lot of time using this system. They do not have to worry about constantly contacting each other for information and updates. 
  • Higher Productivity: When both parties save more time, they can also complete more tasks. This helps them boost the overall productivity of the business. Reports also help managers see the fractures in operations. Fixing them can help managers ensure higher productivity for their business. 
  • Knowledgeable Decision-making: As we mentioned above, reports help managers realise their pain points. This can be related to the tasks employees are in charge of. Thus, managers can schedule training for employees that need it. It helps them boost the profitability of the business. This in turn grows their clientele. 
  • Smoother Operations: A task management system allows managers to ensure that there are no discrepancies in their operations. They get to know if a member is struggling to complete tasks and can arrange training sessions to aid this process. It also eliminates issues like time theft, restoring productivity and profitability.
  • Easier Communication: Managers no longer have to run behind employees to get updates on their task status or pass on instructions. They can simply rely on the app to do so. This is why communication is no longer a hurdle messing with their functionality. 

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Having a task management system can sure be handy, can it not? Well, for businesses dealing with a deskless workforce, it makes remote management so much more efficient. This is why we claim that investing in a field force management system is no longer a luxury but instead a necessity.

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