Emily in Paris Season 3 Has Us Awestruck For All the Right Reasons

Emily in Paris season three came out last year and we must say, it was the best of all seasons in many ways. The season had many new and interesting characters, they all made important life decisions whether it was related to work, or life, and most importantly the costumes and the party were all to die for. Besides, how can we forget the second last episode “Love Is in the Air”?

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Coming back to the point, here are all the reasons for us to love Emily in Paris season 3.

Beauty of Paris

The show continues to showcase the beautiful city of Paris in all its glory, allowing viewers to indulge in the sights and sounds of the City of Love. From the stunning architecture to the picturesque streets, the show transports viewers to another world and makes them feel like they are right there alongside Emily.

Besides, the show wants us all to go to Paris and live that life so much. Not only Paris but all of France has been portrayed so beautifully. From museums to Antoine Lambert’s aesthetic estate, everything is beautiful.

Powerful Characters

The show’s characters have continued to develop and evolve in new and exciting ways. Emily’s character has grown and matured, and she has become more confident and assertive in her work and personal life. Additionally, the supporting cast of characters is just as engaging, with each one bringing their unique personality and backstory to the show.

Besides, when it comes to our favorite characters, our this season’s personal favorite characters are definitely Sylvie, Mindy, and Luc. Sylvie in season three is super-empowering and transformed, and in the end, it breaks our hearts seeing what happens to her. Luc has his own style which comes out most in season 3. Besides, the way Mindy takes a stand for her best friend, still has us fascinated.


Well, another noticeable thing that we saw in season 3 was that the show’s writing continued to improve and impress, with witty and clever dialogue, and well-crafted storylines that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Every episode was well thought out and did complete justice to the themes.

As we discussed, our personal favorite episode was “Love Is in the Air”. Besides, the most impressive thing we noticed is that the show’s creators have also done a fantastic job of tackling important and timely issues. They have discussed issues such as cultural differences, gender roles, and the importance of self-love and acceptance.

Art Direction

Not to forget one thing that is most catchy about this show, is the art direction. The show’s costume, makeup, and set design have been top-notch, adding a level of opulence and glamour to the series. We love the way the show is shot and it has been a big reason for many people to initially start watching.

The people whose costumes we found best were Camille, Sylvie, Mindy, Gabriel, and of course Emily. Other characters also had amazing costumes and make-up, but who could possibly compete with Mindy and Sylvie?

In Conclusion

Emily in Paris season three is the best season yet, thanks to its beautiful setting, well-developed characters, clever writing, and stunning production values. If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing out on a truly enjoyable and entertaining show. From characters to dialogues, amazing marketing pitches, costumes, and aesthetic locations, everything is worth the praise.

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