A Brief and Effective Home Maintenance Guide

If you want a well-maintained home with everything functioning perfectly from taps to drains, you need to have scheduled home maintenance. Otherwise, you are more likely to face more complex issues like electrical problems more often.

It is up to you whether you hire a home maintenance company or undertake tasks on your own. Home maintenance companies usually offer different types of maintenance in Abu Dhabi and other developed cities. Still, knowing what things to maintain is crucial for having successful maintenance sessions. Go through this blog to know how to maintain everything around the house.

Create a Maintenance Checklist and Frequency

It may sound unnecessary, but it is very important to create a maintenance checklist. There is always a chance of forgetting something important during a maintenance session. A checklist will help you ensure that everything has been covered.

You should also define a frequency for your maintenance checklists. For example, you may create a monthly, quarterly, or annual checklist. Set a priority and follow your checklist to have a well-maintained home around the year.

Include the following things in your maintenance checklist:

Check Your Home Security System

Maintaining your home security system should be at the top of your maintenance checklist. Your security equipment and padlocks keep your home safe from burglaries, fires, and so much more. Therefore, you should never miss such things from a maintenance session.

Oil the hinges of your doors and mechanical locks for smooth functioning. Test the functioning of your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. If they create a loud beep with smoke, they are working fine. Also, you should change their batteries at least after every six months.

If you have security cameras, check the quality of the footage and the angle. Make fixes, and repairs, or get new equipment wherever needed.

Electrical Maintenance

Usually, people only get electrical maintenance when it is too late. If you observe closely, there are signs like the pungent smell of burning plastic, sparks from outlets when you insert a plug, discolored switches, and flickering bulbs. If you are facing these signs, you should contact an electrician. A good thing is that such issues don’t usually appear out of nowhere. So, you can schedule with an electrician in advance.

Other than resolving problems with wiring and sockets, also change flickering bulbs. While you are at it, get LED bulbs as they are more power efficient and can lower your bill.

Maintain your heating and cooling equipment to have the best performance. You can vacuum the back of your refrigerators to take out all the accumulated dust. Clean the filters to have better cooling. Also, have an expert come over for complete maintenance of your air conditioners twice a year. Besides better results, these practices will save you from unexpected appliance breakdowns.

Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing maintenance is crucial to have all your water inlets and outlets functioning perfectly. Do not wait for dripping water and leaky sinks to become a plumbing disaster to call an expert. Quicker solutions are cheaper and faster to implement. So, add it to your upcoming maintenance session if you have any such problems.

The same applies to partially or completely clogged drains too. However, it is highly advisable to take precautions like not draining grease from the sink. Dumping the leftover food in a separate trash can or a compost bag is better.

To unclog your showerheads and taps, there are some DIY fixes involving vinegar, water, and baking that you can try at home. But it is best to not open any pipes and screws on your own, leaving them to experts.

Seasonal Deep Cleaning

There are a lot of nooks and corners that go unnoticed in routine cleaning. But ignoring them for too long may result in mold, rat infestation, and termites. So, at least twice a year, you should have a deep cleaning session. Do not miss the attic, basement, or any other area that you do not clean every day.

If it is just built-up dirt, you can do the deep cleaning on your own. You can get the assistance of a professional if you want to. However, you should contact an expert if you notice mice droppings or mold.

Other Maintenance Tasks

For houses with a swimming pool or a garden let’s say, there can be maintenance tasks that you should include in your checklist. Also, there could be other tasks that have to be done only once in a blue moon like painting the exterior of the house.

Use this basic home maintenance guide as a starting point. Add more things that your house could need and have a well-maintained house.

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