Do’s & Don’t When Operating Pallet Jacks

Also known as pallet trucks, pallet jacks are material handling machine that moves products in the industrial warehouse. Many machine operators can have vast experience operating pallet jacks, but accidents at the warehouse are unavoidable. 

Therefore, you can’t rule out the likelihood of injuries involving this equipment. Faulty or mishandled pallet jacks might cause pallet truck accidents. So, practising perfect pallet safety tips is essential to avoid manual and electric pallet jack injuries.

Here are the do’s and dont’s when using these machines:

Begin Slowly

Put the pallet jack into motion slowly. You must be careful not to whip or jerk it by the handle when beginning. Doing this, you might risk straining the back and neck muscles from sudden motion.

If you move slowly when operating the machine, it will help prevent bumping into something or someone. Many pallet trucks have brakes, and you can use the brakes to reduce the speed when carrying heavy loads.

Don’t Overload

Overloading your pallet truck will cause severe consequences like a malfunction or overbalance. Knowing the pallet jack’s safe maximum handling limit is essential to keep your machine load manageable.

Use Your Pallet Jack On A Clear Path 

Ensure the path you’ll use for your pallet truck is clear of all obstacles. All electric cords and construction materials on the path can increase the risks of injuries as they may get stuck to the pallet pump.

You must also know other hazards along the path, like tight corners and narrow aisles.

Thus, move the pallet jack slowly if there are any hazards on the path for maximum safety. 

Don’t Use the Pallet Jack on Ramps 

Refrain from using pallet pumps on ramps because maintaining the balance of the load and jack can be hard. Even the slightest decline or incline can severely impact the force of gravity. 

Additionally, your load might freewheel on its own, making it bump into other objects and employees. If you must use the truck on ramps, keep the load uphill from you, so it is balanced. Make sure the forks are 4-6 inches above the floor to stop them from getting in contact with the ramps.

Store it Securely

After using the equipment, safely store it in an allocated storage space. If you don’t have the area, store your jack close to the wall. Ensure you keep the handle up and lower the forks. The forks shouldn’t point outward. 

Don’t Push. Only Pull

While there are two opinions on if you should pull or push your pallet truck, pulling offers the best results because pulling increases the manoeuvrability of the employee. Check out for hazards in front of you, like objects on the floor and other employees. 

Pallet trucks make it easier to move products, inventory, and other items around the workplace. Know how to operate the machine to avoid workplace accidents. Practice what you’ve read in this post to ensure safety when using a pallet truck.

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