All you Should Know About the IGCSE curriculum

Know About the IGCSE curriculum

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education is proclaimed to be a two years program that is offered to students of Grades IX and X. The IGCSE curriculum is an international curriculum that aligns with the overall standards of the GCSE programme followed in the UK. This particular program is presented at a global level by the Cambridge Assessment International Education.

The international school in kl presents its unique curriculum to its children. This curriculum is a particular set of examinations and qualifications that are generally designed for 14 to 16-year-olds. The syllabus of IGCSE usually covers a wide range of subjects without any limits over the wide range of qualifications the students will achieve.

In this sort of curriculum, the students will study each subject for a tenure of 2 years before they take any examinations and assessments. However, for each student, there is no particular time limit on how long one will require to study before they take their exams.

Benefits of the IGCSE curriculum for your Child

The greatest benefit of the IGCSE curriculum for your child is that this sort of curriculum is highly student-centric. This will prepare the student as part and parcel of being a global citizen. Below listed are a few of the key benefits your child will gain once they enrol in an international school in kl for their curriculum.

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1. Gain Respected Qualifications

If you enroll your child in the world-class IGCSE curriculum, then your child will be privileged to gain one of the most respected academic qualifications in the world. Due to the Lisbon Recognition Convention, in present times, IGCSE is accepted as a worthy qualification in several countries around the globe.

The convention further ensures that the qualification that is gained in one country is regarded as an equivalent qualification in the member states.

Further, this might also present the students with the unique opportunity of pursuing their education in other countries that are within the Lisbon Recognition Convention. As a bold sign of respect, the IGCSE command has further been signed by 45 of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe. Other countries along the way are the United States, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

2. Study at an international school in kl

Prestigious qualifications such as IGCSE will provide your child to explore new opportunities that will unravel in the future. International school in KL is one of the great schools where your child will gain essential skills that will make them succeed in life.

3. Accessible for Different Levels of Education

The IGCSE curriculum will have several benefits for kids of all ages and kids with different abilities. They present your child with an opportunity to gain a meaningful qualification, and they act as a strong launchpad for their bright educational future.

For certain subjects, your child will also be able to adopt a two-tiered structure that will further allow their child to sit for an exam that will align with their academic skills.

4. Gain Valuable Skills

The world-class IGCSE curriculum works really hard to make sure that the students are not just memorising a list of hard facts to just get through the exam. The major aim of this curriculum is to make sure that your child develops an enthusiasm for their intellectual inquiry. They help your child to gain an indispensable skill that is required for their education.

This sort of curriculum will offer your child to explore different subject levels at different difficulty levels. All the core subjects are set at a standard level of difficulty, towards which most students are inclined.

5.  Lay Down Foundation for International Baccalaureate Diploma

The IGCSE curriculum is an integral part of the academic process. When your child gains this qualification, this will open a wide door of exciting opportunities for your child. Apart from just taking several A-level classes, there are several students who gain Igcse and then further undertake an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

6. Globally Recognized

The prestigious IGCSE board will provide all students with a uniform education all around the world. The curriculum will further prioritise the skill development and creative thinking of your child. The IGCSE qualification is one of the most highly recognized qualifications in the world.

On the occasion where you are considering sending your child out abroad to study, then the Igcse curriculum is a great choice. This curriculum is a great way for your child to gain a spot at country high schools and colleges.

Finishing Lines

The IGCSE curriculum will help your child get the best version of themselves. This will also help your child gain a major step in their life and put them or forward as a global citizen. Enroll your child for the IGCSE curriculum at the world-class GIIS school to help them upgrade their career.

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