5 Diarrhea Myths Busted

For a lot of people talking about body functions can be embarrassing. Especially when it comes to a topic like diarrhea. A lack of conversation can lead to a lot of misinformation. There are myths that have been spread around about a delicate condition like diarrhea.

Diarrhea is a condition in which you get loose and watery stool frequently. It can happen alone or it can come along with other symptoms like vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain.

The best gastroenterologist Rawalpindi says that a lot of people have very serious diarrhea but believe in the myths that are made up. To cure it or to get over it, one needs to know the facts and not the myths.

Let’s learn about the myths and the misconceptions that have been spread around. https://ec1locksmiths.co.uk/

1. Diarrhea is too hard to be managed and a bigger problem to be solved

It is very much true that diarrhea is very difficult to manage. But once you get the right medicines and the right treatment it is very easy to be cured.

With some easy, cost-effective, and proven remedies and solutions, the management nt of diarrhea is very easy. Some of the easiest sources include oral rehydration solutions, vaccines, exclusive breastfeeding, hygiene, and good nutrition.

Diarrhea is not a bigger problem, it is just difficult to manage. So, stop believing in this myth that diarrhea is too hard to be managed.

2. Diarrhea is very less serious than a common cold

Well, this one is the biggest myth of all time. Just because diarrhea is a gross phenomenon doesn’t mean that it is not as serious. It is obviously as bad as a cold. The truth is that diarrhea is a leading cause of death in children all over the world.

Diarrhea usually impacts children and can cause extreme dehydration and this is why it is way worse than a common cold.

So, do not believe in the myth that it is way easier to be tackled as compared to a common cold. It is way more serious and can impact the health of the body.

3. Diarrhea is a short-term problem

To say that diarrhea is a short-term problem is not true at all. It is obviously short-term for a number of people but it can prolong and impact a person for more than a few months even.

Right treatment and medicine can make it short-lived but it is not safe to say that it is a short-term problem.

A lot of people who get diarrhea and get better after a day or two feel like it is a short-term problem but they get episodes right after getting better it is when they realize that it can also be a long-term issue.

4. Talking about diarrhea is offensive

This is a completely wrong myth that says that talking about diarrhea is offensive. Topics like these must be normalized to be discussed. People that think that it is offensive are completely wrong.

Avoiding talking on such topics is a negative sign of growth. It is very important to bring such topics into discussions so that more people can know about them. So never ever think of avoiding talking about such topics. Be as open as you can and talk openly.

5. Drinking lemonade can cure diarrhea

A lot of people think that drinking fizzy drinks or drinking lemonade can fix their diarrhea. This is completely false as these drinks can only be consumed if you are planning to manage diarrhea along with medicines.

Medicines are really important for the treatment of diarrhea as these are the most effective when the stool is loose and watery. Relying just on lemonades or fizzy drinks is always a bad idea as this can impact the electrolyte balance in the body.

If you want to drink, only drink those drinks that have salt and sugar in them in equal quantities.

6. The infection goes away as soon as the diarrhea is cured

Now, getting no more loose stools after getting proper diarrhea after a day or two doesn’t mean that the infection is gone. It means that the infection is still there and you can get diarrhea anytime soon.

So, to think that after getting no more loose stools, you are free from the infection and diarrhea is completely wrong. It is important to do your own research and know about the actual facts on diarrhea. 


Diarrhea is one such condition that can be very gross and disturbing to encounter but it is also very easy to be managed if it is not chronic. It is very important to know about the facts and to ignore the myths if you want to cure it or to get rid of it.

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