5 Best Tricks to Get Denser Clouds From Your Shisha Hookah!

Wrap your head around this hookah thing with thicker smoke! 

The dense plumes of smoke produced by hookahs constitute a significant draw for many shisha smokers. When the smoke is heavier, it offers the smoker a pleasant rush and a sense of achievement. Making thick hookah smoke is one of the most appealing aspects for tobacco users. However, it’s frustrating to take a puff midway through a hookah session and get nothing but a few wisps of smoke when you’re used to the taste lasting for hours on end.

Fret not, you can still learn how to get that dense cloud. While everyone has their crazy technique for producing more giant hookah clouds, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that will help you out.

Setting Up Your Hookah!

First of all, we’ll want to make sure the hookah is set up correctly and there are no air leaks that may create airflow difficulties before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to obtain the maximum smoke and taste from your hookah. However, if you’ve never used a hookah before but want to give it a try, fret not; here’s a quick and easy guide to set up the hookah for your first session.

How Does the Hookah Generate Smoke? 

The three main components of a hookah that produce the smoke are the hookah bowl, the premium shisha tobacco, and the hookah charcoal.

Your hookah’s smoke production and the quality of your session will greatly benefit from using all three of these components together.

Each hookah smoker has their own preferences when it comes to the bowl, shisha tobacco, and charcoal they use, but good clouds can be produced with any combination of these ingredients so long as the charcoal is kept at a steady temperature, the tobacco is packed tightly, and there is plenty of airflow from the bowl into the hookah.

Let’s check out some tried and tested approaches that can be used in just about any environment.

Just Toss in Some Ice

Fill the hookah base with ice and water. The downstream has to be completely submerged. For the best results, combine this method with inhaling smoke from an ice-filled hookah hose before adding additional coal and ice. 

A more substantial amount of smoke will be produced without any harshness. The air will condense as it cools, allowing you to take in more smoke. The vapor will expand when it is warmed by the body and leaves the pores. Therefore, you will be releasing more smoke than you took in. The bottomline is, you may expect the smoke to be denser.

Install a heat management system

Use some heat control methods. The technology will allow you to regulate the temperature of your hookah bowl. Due to the enhanced heat control, your smoke will be thicker and more substantial as soon as you take a deep breath. The heat management system is often simple to use. If you use a heat control system often, you’ll learn what temperatures produce the thickest smoke.

Dense Packing Technique

If you want heavier hookah smoke, the dense-pack approach is what you should employ. To increase, you must add more shisha smoke output from the hookah hose to the bowl. Even if it’s possible to overpack, there is a solution to this problem. The hookah session can begin once the bowl is loaded. 

You should put another layer on top of it and pull it tight. In order to make air holes in your shisha, you should use a shisha fork. As a result, the bowl’s interior temperature will rise faster. While this technique is effective, specific shisha brands will provide a far more satisfying experience than others. Test the difference between using wet and dry shisha. The results of the juicy shisha tend to be better.

Incorporate a Diffuser Into Your Space

This little gadget can largely affect the thickness of the smoke coming out of the hose, despite its insignificance. Put the diffuser on the base of the hookah. There is a dramatic change that you can see immediately. With the help of the diffuser, the smoke is diluted as it travels down the stem and into the water below. Because of this, the water will be able to filter away the smoke’s bigger particles effectively. 

You’ll have a more satisfying hookah session overall if you improve the airflow. Smoke generation is improved because of the enhanced airflow. Since the hookah’s big particles will be reduced to smaller ones, its rumbling noises will also be muffled.

Switch out the Hookah Tube

There is a difference in hookah hoses. The hose you’re using may contribute to the thinness of your smoke. Not all hoses are the same, and switching them up every once in a while doesn’t harm. Alter the hose’s diameter and/or gauge to see if it helps. Your hookah drags will improve, and the smoke produced will be much denser if you switch to a larger diameter hose. The thin smoke you’re receiving might result from a lack of airflow via the little, washable hoses. 

Try a giant hose if you’re having trouble getting a good, open pull from your hookah. If the larger hose requires too much breathing effort, try switching to a smaller one, allowing you to exert less force with each breath.


Get Clouded!

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to generate enough smoke from your hookah to perform tricks and other fun activities. You likely already know how to create smoke rings since you’ve mastered the art. Hookahs have evolved to produce thicker, more concentrated smoke and easier to manipulate in the mouth.

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